Terms & Conditions


Welcome toShoppingCave.pk(the website). By accessing and using this website, you are being agreed to the terms and conditions of this website. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions, then choice is yours at any point of time. The terms and the conditions of the website apply to all the items in all the categories which are being displayed on the website.

Any reference made to this website or any other website of which the link is here on the website is subject to all the terms and conditions mentioned.

ShoppingCave.pkreserves the right to alter, modify, change and make additions and reductions to the whole or part of the terms and conditions. The changes will be in effect once posted on the website without any further or prior notice. By using the website, you have agreed to the changes made in the terms and conditions.

Website Usage

To use the website, you must be 18 years or older or under the supervision of an adult. The use of the website for commercial purposes or as a third party on behalf of a user is not allowed unless it is explicitly told to us beforehand with the consent of the user. Any breach of these terms and conditions will lead to revocation of the order and other possible penalties.

The information posted on the website in terms of conditions is subject to the person making them. Any views made by the customers are in no way the representation of the views of ShoppingCave.pk

Submissions made to the website

Any submissions to the website of any kind essentially become the property of the website and may or may not be returned to the person who originally composed them. ShoppingCave.pkreserves the right to use the name of the person who submitted this information along with the information submitted for further use or reviews as it wishes. You are not allowed to use a bogus or a false email or an email of another person for any purposes related to this website.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All the rights of property which is intellectual and present on the website whether registered or unregistered including all the web design and everything related to the website (like the sound, banners) and all the codes written for the website are the property of ShoppingCave.pkand cannot be used by anyone else unless it is granted permission by concerned people at ShoppingCave.pk

Pricing and acceptance of order

It is the right of ShoppingCave.pk to refuse or cancel any order for any reason at any time. You may be asked for further information (not just limited to the phone number and the address) before we accept your order.

(In terms of payment via credit or debit cards, we reserve the right to get further verification regarding identification, personal information, the residence, place of delivery and the ability for the use to make the payment by the user (like banking information). The inability or the lack of provision of such information may lead to ShoppingCave.pk cancelling your order immediately. If there is doubt or suspicion regarding fraudulent activity and misuse of credit card or debit card to make a payment for the purchase of product will also lead to the possible cancellation of the order immediately.)

It is our duty to provide the information posted on the website as accurately as possible. However, there might be errors, such as the product being mispriced. It will be our top priority to make the corrections as soon as possible. However, ShoppingCave.pk reserves the right of refusal and cancellation of an order at any given time for which we may or may not inform you. We have the right to cancel or refuse delivery even if you have paid in case the product is mispriced or not showed correctly.

Related to Termination

ShoppingCave.pk reserves the right to revoke all customer rights without prior notice to the customers. ShoppingCave.pk also reserves the right to terminate all the conditions and terms under the terms and conditions without prior notice to the customer.

Refund Process

If your pre-paid order is canceled due to unavailability of the product or any other reason pertaining to ShoppingCave.pk you shall be entitled to a full refund by ShoppingCave.pk which shall be processed and executed within 10 to 15 working days.

Payment Policy:

ShoppingCave.pk can change the price of the ordered, the price fluctuation can be due to currency devaluation (Increase in dollar prices), shortage of product or any other unforeseen incident. In such case ShoppingCave.pk will let the customer know the new price and if the customer agrees then only ShoppingCave.pk will dispatch the product.